If you are a musician and you would like to participate in the sharing of your story and recipe, please email me at I must approve all material before I post it to a blog page. I reserve the right to refuse posting for any reason.

You will need to supply the following:
1. MP3 of one song of yours that you think people would like to cook to. Supply the name of the song and the CD on which it is located. The other option is to supply me with the code for your Music Player if you have a CDBaby account.
2. Hi-Res photo of you or your band
3. One hi-res photo of a picture of your recipe
4. One paragraph about you (short artist bio) with a link to your website.
5. One to two paragraphs about the recipe you are sharing. Why is it important to you? Give us your story, but be short and concise!
6. One recipe with step by step instructions.
7. Links to sites where your music can be purchased (Please limit to three links).

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6 Responses to Contact

  1. Wow this is great and Yes I love to cook, had two of my recipe published…let me look them up and I will get back to you with full information as per your request!

  2. Chris Hecht says:

    Hello, Kat,
    Terrific idea, I plan to submit at least one recipe, when I can pull off the time to pull off organizing the requirements listed.

    Also, could you please put me on your email future engagement promotion list?
    (…I still have to come up with a ring…and a question to pop…) 😉

    Thanks, blessings, and best of luck with this site!

    “Fan Boy” Chris

  3. Just wanted to say… this is a GREAT idea!!! Looking forward to making great food while listening to great music! -A

    • says:

      🙂 Thanks so much Alyson! I sure do miss seeing you and working with you, but it looks like your new biz is going great! Happy holidays.

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